Voices and Verses at UW-Parkside
Voices and Verses at UW-Parkside

Voices and Verses was founded  by composer and director Karel Suchy in 1995. The group has adopted a wide range of styles and genres throughout its history. The members have changed over time, but the atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation has remained.

Recently, we have focused on the new  and innovative, yet we perform works from many genres and periods. We strive to promote aesthetic and spiritual enrichment through the arts and foster  collaboration across disciplines. Our performances and events incorporate  a variety of art forms.


Karel Suchy – director, keyboards, singer, composer

Nancy Eggert – singer, actress, writer, researcher

Win Germanotta – singer, actress

Georgine Kudrna – singer, actress

Carol Larsen – singer, actress

Jennifer Lautz – singer, actress, writer

Wilhelm Matthies – instrument builder, musician, artist

Joseph Papenfuss – actor, singer, literature consultant

Susan Stein – singer, actress, writer

Dan Stika – actor, historian, writer

Julia Suchy – singer, actress, keyboards