Place Created, Place Engineered is a mixed-media presentation, incorporating original recorded and live music, spoken word, movement, video and sculpture. Engineers, architects and designers have a special perspective on place, stemming from their knowledge and experience of the process of design and construction, and their understanding of the unseen elements of structures. This distinctive appreciation of the beauty of place is shared with the audience, as well as an exploration of the aesthetics of the engineering and design process. It premiered at the Racine Art Museum in August 2011.

The same creative process applies to engineering as to music or art composition. An artist primarily addresses aesthetics, while an engineer primarily addresses functionality. There is artistic value in the engineering process itself, including the elegance of mathematics and physics used in analyses and calculations, and the beauty of drawing and modeling.

The video presentation demonstrates the visual appeal of 2D and 3D engineering drawings, animations and analyses of structures, including their reactions to various forces. Interesting architectural details and patterns will be highlighted through still and video photography.

The musical presentation reflects the concepts in the video. Portions of the music are produced electronically, some pre-recorded. Live singing and instrumental performance are added as well. Lyrics and spoken portions have been drawn from historical documents about architecture and design.

  • The process explored through a multi-media performance.
  • Premiered at the Racine Art Museum August 2011