Patterns of Light is a response to the role of light and darkness in our lives, both literally and metaphorically.The first performance by Voices and Verses was selected to be part of the celebration of UW-Parkside’s new Rita Talent Center for the Arts and Humanities, and took place in the UW Parkside Theatre (Kenosha, Wisconsin) on April 28, 2012.

Inner Voyge is a video score in three movements. The piece was performed by Voices and Verses in 2012, and was subsequently selected by Zeitgeist for interpretation at a Composer Night performance in 2014.

This interpretation features original electronic, instrumental, vocal, and concrete music, photography, video, engineering drawings, poetry, and dance. It was premiered by Voices and Verses, UW-Parkside Theatre, in April 2012.

The composition is designed to be interpreted by an ensemble by following the projected video score in accordance with written guidelines. The audience will experience both the musical interpretation and visual images.

The video score can be supplied on BD, DVD, memory storage device, or can be streamed from internet. The guidelines refer to the chapter divisions on the DVD, or to the time code if streaming or using a storage device. If a DVD is used for rehearsal purposes, these chapters can be displayed on the screen (for instance, using the “info” button).

Each musical part is assigned a region of the screen. The instrumentation may vary for each unique performance.
Musical interpretation of screen pattern:

Brightness (dark to bright)______________ Dynamics (low to high)
Geometric Patterns (regular to random)____ Rhythm (strongly rhythmic to ad libitum)
Layout (chaotic to orderly)______________ Tonality (atonal to tonal)
Color Spectrum (blue/cold to red/warm)___ Harmony (minor to major)
Black or White _______________________ Melody (chromatic or whole steps)
Shape Patterns (rising to descending)______ Melody (rising to descending)


  • Patterns of Light Video Score Video to be musically interpreted according to performance guidelines
  • Premiered in UW-Parkside by Voices and Verses Celebration to Dedicate the "Rita"
  • Performed by Zeitgeist at Studio Z, St. Paul, MN Composer Night Event